Community Involvement

Griffon employees and management participate in more than 100 community and charitable endeavors, donating thousands of hours of time and raising substantial funds to support these valuable causes.


Building Homes For Our Communities

Ames and Clopay participate actively in Habitat for Humanity.  Clopay recently built a home for one of our employees!


Our Products Save Lives

CornellCookson’s Smoke Shield Elevator Curtains save lives by creating a smoke and heat shield that prevents the spread of fires through elevator shafts.


Worker Safety

We have spent more than $3,000,000 over the last two years upgrading our shipping and receiving operations to install devices preventing trucks from leaving prematurely, preventing employees from falling from elevated dock surfaces, ensuring use of the highest quality jack stands during loading, upgrading lighting and upgrading our forklifts.


We were able to stay open and supply our customers at our North American facilities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing, and rigorously maintaining, numerous protocols to protect the health of our employees. These include temperature screening, additional cleaning and social distancing.


When Times Are Bad, We Help

Griffon companies are dependable community partners following natural disasters and other crises.  We participate in ToolBank to help devastated communities, and have been recognized for our work in project Camp Fire, helping children affected by wildfires.

we-help-when-times-are-bad     toolbank-disaster-services

Employee Welfare

We have spent more than $1,000,000 upgrading cafeterias, break areas, restrooms and employee welfare and recreation facilities to improve the on-site experience for our employees.



We emphasize diversity in our hiring, promotion and career development


Worker Safety

workers-safetyWe have reduced the rate of injuries among our employees by over 25% through the implementation of comprehensive employee safety and health programs

Griffon invests capital in safety improvements based on risk. For example, Ames invested in an automation project to completely eliminate a work process that had caused 14 employee injuries over the past few years.

Safety risks create opportunities. Faced with an open loading dock door issue, Clopay invented and now sells a solution, protecting workers nationally.