griffon-ethicsGriffon has a worldwide code of business conduct and ethics. It is Griffon’s policy to conduct its business honestly, ethically and in accordance with all applicable laws. We expect all personnel to conduct themselves with the highest standards of business conduct.

Every one of Griffon’s 7500 global employees, and each member of our Board of Directors, is required to certify annually that he or she has read, understands and will follow the Code.

Each operating company has a designated Ethics Liaison Officer with direct access to management.

Griffon has established a monitored reporting line where any employee may anonymously report ethics, compliance or integrity issues. Reports are promptly investigated and addressed.

Transparency And Board of Director Activities


Griffon’s Corporate Governance Guidelines set the tone for an independent, properly functioning Board of Directors.  The guidelines require that a majority of the Board be independent; currently twelve out of fourteen directors are independent.

Griffon’s Board has a lead independent director and four designated committees:  Audit, Compensation, Nominating & Corporate Governance and Finance.  The Nominating Committee is responsible for oversight and administration of the governance program.

Honesty And Anti Corruption

Integrity is central to our identity.  Griffon’s Code of Business Conduct not only prohibits acts of bribery, but requires every employee to report any suspected bribery or prohibited gratuities by employees or subcontractors.


Flowdown To The Supply Chain

As a global company Griffon understands the need to flow down our core values to our suppliers.  Globally, we flow down prohibitions on human trafficking, prohibitions regarding the purchase of conflict minerals and labor standards.  In China, we employ a dedicated team to monitor our suppliers that reports to the legal department.

Within the US, we also flow down fair labor standards compliance and other core values.  Our Telephonics operating company flows down our entire code of ethics.